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The mission of Live Out Loud Ministries is to help churches, their pastors and their members rekindle a passion for reaching their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to equip every believer with the necessary tools to effectively share their faith in everyday life.


Revival & Evangelism

The heart beat of this ministry is revival and evangelism. We want to see every Christian living their faith out loud. God never intended for us to be Sunday morning Christians.

He has called us to be Ambassadors for Christ.

We want to work with churches and Ministerial Groups/Associations to reach out to their communities with the love of God.


How it began

 After several years in the ministry God began to burden our hearts about the disunity and complacency of the body of Christ. I realized that the population was growing and at the same time the church as whole was  shrinking. This didn’t make sense.

As I prayed about it God helped me to realize three major hindrances to the growth of the body of Christ.

  • Competition between churches
  • Complacency of most Christians
  • Compromise of convictions


 I realized that there was only one answer to these problems: Revival!!! January 2012, I partnered with Mike Foust to do one time events as well as week long revivals called Live Out Loud. Our desire is to take the Gospel to the world.



Available Ministries


  • One service events
  • Week long Revivals
  • 3-5 night Crusades
  • Evangelistic Concerts (Mike Foust)



  • Evangelize your       community prior to     revival.
  • Evangelism Training for   church members



I urge all pastors to contact Joey Beck to do a Live Out Loud revival at there respective churches. He has a message of obeying God and going out into the world to lead people to salvation, train them up to be disciples and getting them involved in a church ministry.  His testimony of deliverance from drugs and the anointed message from the Word of God is sure to stir the hearts of your church members.

Praising The Lord, 

David Toole 


I would like to encourage any pastor/church to invite Joey Beck to come and share in a Live Out Loud event. His testimony is powerful and his love for God and His Word is evident. The event will inspire your congregation to live out their faith in word and deed. Use him…God does! Call him…God has!

Chris Johnson

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Albertville, AL


I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mike Foust for over 4 years and the privilege of serving in ministry with him for over a year.  Mike is an awesome  worship leader and musician who leads worshippers to the throne of God.  His dynamic passion for Christ and commitment to worship place him at the forefront for those seeking a special musical   performance, revival worship leader, or special   service.  Mike leads a wide-range of music and worship styles suitable for all ages and worship experiences.

Dr. Tommy D. Lamb

Interim Pastor, The Fellowship



Our church was greatly blessed during our spring revival with Live Out Loud Ministries. From community outreach and prayer before the services to the contagious passion in presenting the gospel during the revival, God used this ministry to start a wonderful work here at Brindlee Mountain.

People were saved, lives were changed, and God was glorified! I can certainly recommend Live Out Loud Ministries to all churches which desire true spiritual revival.

Robby Boyd



I would like to recommend Joey Beck and his “Live Out Loud” team to your church field and association.  Joey Beck has a dramatic testimony that everyone needs to hear in reference to his deliverance from his addiction to meth. If you would like more information about Brother Joey, I can be reached at 256-582-2882.

Marshall Baptist Associational

Director of Missions, 

Randall Stoner


It is my joy and privilege to recommend the ministry of Mike Foust to you. I have known Mike since he was a college student with our daughter. He and I have had the joy of serving together in  ministry in two different churches. Mike served as our Minister of Music in these church settings. I, as well as our church family, was greatly blessed by his ministry always. Mike is a very gifted singer who seeks only to glorify Christ. I have seen God move in wonderful ways through the ministry of Mike Foust. His ministry will bless and encourage you. I have no better friend than Mike Foust and it is with great joy that I recommend him to you.

Sincerely yours,

Max Roden